Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a website. Is it necessary to get a new one?

There is a reason why you are contacting us. It means your website is not doing its job! Yes, in theory, it is possible to just pimp up your current website. But in practice it’s like renovating an old house; it’s easier to build a new one! And your new website will always be working on the newest technology, will be faster and it will convert better into clients!

Will I be the owner of my new website?

We’ll maintain and update it, improve it … but, yes, the website is yours! And you will also have the login to your site!

I don't have a domain yet. Can you help me buy it?

Yes! And we don’t help you just buying it, we also advise you to choose the best one for your business!

Will I need a new website in a few years time?

No, we can maintain and update your website. This means it will be running on the latest technology and following the latest trends. We can also add information and pages when your company changes and/or grows. We are not web designers that make websites and disappear! We are there for you, always!

I have a new company. Can you make me a website from scratch?

Of course! That’s what we do, building new websites! We will also advise you to choose & buy the best domain name for your business!

Do you take care of the hosting of the website?

We can do that for you! We work with a top quality hosting company that is ultra secure, fast, guarantees 99,9% uptime (we’ve always had 100% in fact) and has an amazing super fast 24h emergency help support!

Will I be stuck with a long term contract?

No, no long term contracts! If you feel that you don’t need our service anymore then you are free to go. And your website is yours so you won’t lose it!

How does it work when I already have a website?

We build your website while your current one is still online. Once it’s ready we point your domain to the new website and there you go!

I have a non-tourism project. Can you make my website too?

Yes, of course! We can design a website for almost every type of business! Just pop the question!

Can I follow the designing progress of my new website?

Yes, you can follow it! This is in fact really important also for us to be able to get your feedback on the project! It will result in a better website, one you like and it will be finished sooner!

How do we communicate with each other?

We communicate via phone, email, Whatsapp and via Skype. Via Skype, it’s also possible to show our computer screen on your device or vice versa which is very handy to discuss the design, changes, preferences …

How long does it take to build my website?

It depends! Do you want a single or multi-lingual website? How many pages do we have to make? Do we just have to improve your current texts or do we have to write from scratch? Any special wishes? And, probably most important, it also depends on you! Your website will be finished sooner when you respond quickly when we ask for feedback and when you send us your photos on time … But roughly, between 3 weeks and 8 weeks depending on the website and your cooperation!

Do you just design the website and then your job is done?

No, not at all! That’s what we hate ourselves! We are always here to help you, to improve your site and to solve probs.

My former web designer disappeared and he had all the logins!

That definitely won’t happen with us! First of all we stick around to help you at all time, to update and improve your website. Secondly, you will get the login too to your website! You own the website, not us!

I'm sure a new website won't fit in my budget!

First of all, our goal is to keep our websites affordable for everybody! And then, it all depends on what you want and need.
But maybe you should ask yourself this: if I don’t have the budget for my website, then probably my current website isn’t doing its job!?

Is it necessary to live near you to be able to make our website?

No, that’s not necessary. We communicate via phone, email, Whatsapp, Skype … and you can follow the designing progress from your home. It doesn’t matter where your business is located! We will get the job done!

Do I have to write the texts for my website?

We will analyze the texts on your current website. If they are pretty good, then we will pimp them up and optimize them for Google. If they are of low quality then we can write them from scratch. If you don’t have a website yet then we can do all the writing for you!  Are you an experienced writer, maybe even some experience with SEO?! Then feel free to send us what you wrote!

Do I have to prepare the photos for my website?

No, resizing and making them look good is a job for a professional! We’ll tell you what kind of photos we need and how to send them to us and we will handle it to put them on your website!

I need a multilingual website. Do I have to translate myself?

You can if you want and have the skills! But no, it’s not necessary. Our team can take care of the translations into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, & German.
Other languages are also possible, but only on special request!

Do your websites have mobile versions?

Our websites are responsive and are optimized to adapt perfectly to all devices: phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. This an absolute must these days when you have a website!

Will my website be safe for viruses and hackers?

The hosting company’s security is world class! And we also take all the necessary measurements to avoid safety issues! If you don’t decide to change your complicated login password to something simple like the name of one of your kids, 12345, … you’ll be fine! In the unlikely event there is an issue, daily backups of your website will be made so we can reinstall it in a blink!

Getting a new site will influence my ranking in Google?

We do everything that’s within our power to maintain your ranking. Your current keywords will be carried over and every page will be further optimized to rank better! Yes, after the launch there could be a little dip, but after this, your website will be ranked better than your current position!





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