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How Get South Web Design started

For many years we produced a travel guidebook for Argentina, Chile & Uruguay called “Get South”.  Somebody designed a website for us but it was basic, it was difficult to change content, it looked old-fashioned …  and worse, it got hacked due to the use of old software.

I, Jimmy, was so fed up with it.  Why wasn’t I able to make changes myself? Why didn’t the web designer ever reach out to us to make changes, to modernise and improve it? And shouldn’t a website owner have somebody to go to if needed, have help and support?

I wanted to be able to change the content myself, to improve the website, to keep on growing …  So I started to study, I looked for the right system to use and started out.

At first, I just used my knowledge for our own projects, but my skills kept on improving. So we started doing websites for other people.

We made 21 editions in total. 100.000 copies each!

Now, we offer WordPress websites and extra services for any business sector.  The focus is always on delivering a well-designed website that converts visitors into clients.  But there is more.  It’s important that you have the ability to do (minor) changes yourself in an easy and straightforward way, just with our help and some common sense.  And we will keep all the software up-to-date and help you to do the changes, to improve your website and to add more content.

A website is like setting up a restaurant, it doesn’t stop with making it look pretty and opening its doors.  Once the restaurant is ready to open its doors, the real job starts: marketing, sales, maintenance, changes, setting goals, improvements, new services, problem solving … We can do this  together as a team, or you can even let us do these difficult tasks. 

The entire world searches on the internet!

Our goal is to make you a website and deliver you services that make your business thrive.  People reach out to you now from their couch playing on their computer or mobile device and from all over the world these days and your website and online presence is the face of your business.  We put the focus on the value you offer and on what sets your company apart.  We’ll take care of all the technical stuff so that you can focus on your clients and service!

We also have years of experience in tourism and, if you have a tourism or hospitality business, then you will benefit extra of our expertise in the branche.  We put this knowledge & experience at your disposal.  The tourism & hospitality sector is a tough sector, with lots of competition and a few big players that (try to) monopolize the market.  There will be other web designers that can make you a pretty website, but they won’t have the knowledge to take your website, but also your entire business, to the next level because growing your tourism and hospitality business depends of conversion of clients via different channels, market knowledge & experience, marketing presence, branding, language skills, both online as offline experience, …

Jimmy Leys

Hi, I’m Jimmy, from Belgium.

Bachelor degree in “Management, Tourism & Recreation”.

My prior experience:

  • Tour operator representative in Spain, France, Italy & Greece
  • Team leader in the French Alps: planning, accommodation, arrivals & departures, bar, events, tours…
  • Account manager group skiing holidays
  • Flight attendant
  • Sales & planning bus company
  • Sales publicity & content manager Get South travel guidebook Argentina-Chile-Uruguay
  • Sales, marketing & operations boat rental company

Dutch – English – Spanish – French – German


Irina Schugurensky

Hi, I’m Irina, half Argentinean – half Chilean.

University degree in “Business Management”.

My prior experience:

  • Guide overland tours Africa
  • Contract & group manager Nomads Overland Tours
  • Founder travel guidebook Get South Argentina-Chile-Uruguay
  • Housing & travel services

Spanish – English – Portuguese

Team Get South Webdesigns

We have several people from different backgrounds and nationalities that assist us with content translations, social media & marketing, SEO, … depending on the scope of the project.

Contact us for a free info call!  No obligations whatsoever afterwards, only an opportunity.

Check out all our services: all our included services and all the optional services we can help you with.

~ We rent out boats for over 15 years and I wish we would have worked with Jimmy and Get South Web Design before! Our rental business grew big time this summer, and this during the corona pandemic! ~


Owner, Boat Rental Elite

~ We had a very old website for years and finally took the leap to get a new one.  And we can't be more excited about the result! It's easy to work with Jimmy, Irina and his team and we keep on improving the website together ~

Marie Louise & Sandra

Owners, Retro Station

~ Jim redesigned my poorly done yoga webpage and his service was beyond all my expectations. I received super constructive advice on the best solutions. Highly recommend! Professional, trustworthy & fast delivery! ~


Owner, Spiral Sun Yoga

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